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Know Your Business

My Virtual DM™ gives you the extra eyes, ears and hands that your business needs without the expense of hiring a district manager. If fact, with My Virtual DM you only pay for the specific information you want – when you want it. The cost for this service may be the least expensive item in your company’s budget.

It’s simple. My Virtual DM has an army of over 20,000 reporters with access to thousands more who are trained in the wireless retail business. When you tell us, we’ll send one of our reporters to each of the store locations you choose and provide you with a detailed, specific evaluation of all aspects of the customer experience in your stores.

In one comprehensive evaluation, you’ll have valuable information about every aspect of your customer’s experience. From the store’s appearance, to employee response and closing skills, My Virtual DM provides both statistical analysis and a personal narrative that will give direct insight into how you’re succeeding and where you need to take action. The result? A smoother running operation - motivated employees - happier customers – and increased profits.

My Virtual DM™ makes specific, accurate Customer Experience Reports for your stores simple. Within minutes you can order specific reports for each of your locations. Choose the report below that matches your carrier and you get started today by ordering your first Customer Experience Report online for as little as $65.00. Order Now

AT&T Wireless Customer Experience
T-Mobile Customer Experience
Multiple Carriers Customer Experience
Metro PCS Customer Experience
Verizon Customer Experience
Sprint Customer Experience
US Cellular Customer Experience