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What We Really Know

Quite a bit, actually. My Virtual DM was designed by and is a subsidiary of Wireless Store Shopper and Retail Business Development, Inc. We cut our teeth in the wireless industry. RBD developed comprehensive customer experience reporting that is used by many of the nation’s largest wireless dealers and carriers. These owners of hundreds and thousands of outlets depend on this information to retain customers and maximize profits.

Now, by utilizing new technologies, we are able to offer the same Customer Experience Reporting to dealerships with as few as 3 locations.

We know that every successful business can benefit from the information that our Customer Experience Reports provide. We know that with every Customer Experience Report, something the owner didn’t know about his or her business is revealed. We know that integrating regular reports into your sales cycle will give you the most complete picture of your customer’s experience.

My Virtual DM™ makes specific, accurate Customer Experience Reports for your stores simple. Within minutes you can order specific reports for each of your locations. Choose the report below that matches your carrier and you get started today by ordering your first Customer Experience Report online for as little as $65.00. Order Now

AT&T Wireless Customer Experience
T-Mobile Customer Experience
Multiple Carriers Customer Experience
Metro PCS Customer Experience
Verizon Customer Experience
Sprint Customer Experience
US Cellular Customer Experience