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What Your Employees Know

Your employees are the best – except when they’re not. You’ve trained them well and they follow your lead – except when they don’t. Helping your employees be the best they can benefits everyone. But unless you know what’s going on, you can’t improve, coach or encourage.

My Virtual DM gives you the knowledge you need to help your employees succeed. Our Customer Experience Reports provide you with information from an unbiased third party who has seen your business from the customer’s perspective. If you implement reports on a regular basis, say once a month, you can chart the overall improvement and your employees can work toward specific goals.

This information can motivate your employees to strive for better performance in a way that you could never achieve alone. A motivated sales force means more sales.

My Virtual DM™ makes specific, accurate Customer Experience Reports for your stores simple. Within minutes you can order specific reports for each of your locations. Choose the report below that matches your carrier and you get started today by ordering your first Customer Experience Report online for as little as $65.00. Order Now

AT&T Wireless Customer Experience
T-Mobile Customer Experience
Multiple Carriers Customer Experience
Metro PCS Customer Experience
Verizon Customer Experience
Sprint Customer Experience
US Cellular Customer Experience